Otago Boat Harbour’s Front Leading Light has been Temporarily Changed

Please be advised:
There should be two red lead lights marking the entrance to the Otago Boat Harbour.

Rear Lead. (On the shore)
This has been getting a little faint and was also totally obstructed by greenery in front and to the side. The greenery has been given a quick clearance and the LED light upgraded to a more powerful and brighter version.

 Front Lead  (On the mooring pile)
This light has had the misfortune to be clouted by passing boats twice in the last 12 months.  Temporary repairs were carried out after the first incident pending more extensive repairs when wind and tide was suitable. The second recently smashed the light from the white triangle and left it dangling upside down and facing the wrong way. As the whole installation was damaged, it has been removed for a rebuild and as the pile has also been condemned and is scheduled for replacement during the upcoming dredging programme, the light won’t be  replaced until the pile is replaced.
In the interim, it has been replaced by an all/around white over green temporary solar light.