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Cable was the official publication of the Otago Yacht Club Inc
From time to time we will now use this page to publish interesting articles that would have previously been included in Cable.
Editions of what we have available are listed below:

(New) Bill McIndoe offers more advice about How to become Crew in a Cruising Yacht

Bill McIndoe provides an interesting retrospective view in More thoughts about boats

Bill and Margaret even did some sailing in Canada this year. Read about their Canadian Adventure

Bill & Margaret McIndoe in their yacht ‘Avanti’ have again voyaged north in January 2018.
Read of their adventures in the attached. ( Chapter 8, missing previously has now been added. [May 2019] )
2018 Cruise Chapt 1
2018 Cruise Chapt 2
2018 Cruise, Chapt 3
2018 Cruise, Chapt 4
2018 Cruise Chapt 5
2018 Cruise Chapt 6
2018 Cruise Chapt 7
2018 Cruise Chapt 8
2018 Cruise, Chapt 9
2018 Cruise, Chapt Ten
2018 Cruise, Chapt Eleven
2018 Cruise, Chapt Twelve

Bill McIndoe even has adventures round the Otago Harbour as well. Read of his Otago Harbour Winter cruising in ´Ávanti`: (Click on the following link) Harry the Hooker and the Octopus

Bill & Margaret McIndoe in their yacht ´Avanti` voyaged north in January 2017. It was`nt all plain sailing!
Read of their adventures in the attached.
Part 1 –   Avanti Voyages North, 2017
Part 2 –  WeatherBound at Akaroa
Part 3 –  Gales at Akaroa & Homeward Bound

Bill McIndoe offers some local knowledge on the Otago Harbour.
Otago Harbour Anchorages

Round the Yard with Les Aug 16

Older Cable editions which may be of interest

Cable December 2013 (pdf)
Cable Mar2013 (pdf)
CableSeptember2012 (pdf)
CableJuneJuly2012 (pdf)
CableMarchApril2012 (pdf)
CableFeb2012 (pdf)
CableSept11 (pdf)
CableMay11 (pdf)