Sailing – Saturday 19 February – Warrington Bay Race

February 19, 2022 @ 10:00 AM – 3:30 PM
Warren McNoe

Warrington Bay Race – Saturday 19 February 2022
This is a combined race with PCYC Note:
Text OYC entries to Pete 021 1692359 by 2030 hrs on Friday evening.
Detail required: Boat name, skipper, POB. Details will be rechecked by VHF on Ch 62 prior to the start on Saturday morning.
Carey’s Bay shore start line. ( Between pile 24a & the white staff adjacent to the scrubbing grid on Aramoana Road) First signal 0955 hrs. Start flags will be flown from the shore. Start 1000 hrs.
Keep clear of any shipping while using the channel.
Sail to Warrington Bay buoy (** GPS co-ordinates below). Leave buoy to port when rounding. Finish Carey’s Bay finish line.
Text in finishing time to Pete 021 1692359
All vessels must have a working engine and a VHF turned on the whole time while racing and tuned to channel 62. This for safety and change of course messages.
Low water Taiaroa Head 1202 hrs 0.4 m.
For confirmation of details see PCYC sports draw notice in Thursday’s ODT.

** GPS co ordinates for the large white teardrop buoy in Warrington Bay are:

45deg 42.940 South   &   170deg 36.483 East. ( 6 m of water at HW )