OYC Wickliffe Bay Race Results & Photos

This race was held on Saturday 16 March. The conditions in the harbour to begin with were okay but outside there was a swell and gusty conditions of some 30 – 35 knots coming off the cliffs which made things uncomfortable.
Four yachts registered for the race but illness scratched one, leaving three to compete.
They were: ‘PIPSQUEAK’ Mike Dewar, ‘MINX’ Geoff Lyell & ‘POTAMOS’ Pinky Morris.
Line honours goes to MINX’ skippered by Geoff Lyell who also wins by 31 seconds (on handicap) with second placing going to ‘POTAMOS’ skippered by Pinky Morris. ‘PIPSQUEAK’ being single handed by Mike Dewar was DNF due to the conditions.

Photos from the event can be viewed HERE